Initial Visit Appointment

What to expect from your initial visit appointment…

initial visit appointment neck painAt your initial visit appointment,  you will first complete a short form detailing your general health and the condition or conditions for which you are seeking care. Your chiropractor will then take you into the examination room where you will discuss your history. If needed you will be required to wear a surgical gown or for males you may be requested to remove your top. It is advisable to wear loose clothing for this appointment so the chiropractor can examine you fully.

If you have had any previous x-rays or scans please bring these with you. It is also recommended you make a note of the current medication you are taking and bring this with you.

You are more than welcome to bring a family member or friend with you into the clinic and during the initial visit appointment.

Initial visit appointment examination

The chiropractic examination is very important. It allows the chiropractor to feel the areas in question. He may examine areas away from where you feel pain, looking for related issues. The examination includes assessing all the body systems but mainly focuses on neurological and orthopaedic testing. The aim of the examination is to find the root cause of your complaint.

initial visit appointment examinationDuring the initial visit appointment it is important to ask any questions you have. Your chiropractor will explain everything he is doing and give you his diagnosis. Not all conditions are chiropractic cases, rest assured if the chiropractor does not think he can help your complaint he will tell you. If you are unsure if chiropractic would benefit you we offer a free consultation during which the chiropractor will be able to ascertain if treatment would be beneficial.

If Chiropractic care is recommended, your treatment will usually begin on this appointment.  However, if you have a complex case or if the chiropractor needs to review x-rays or scans you may be required to return for a diagnosis and advice regarding starting chiropractic care. If Chiropractic care is not recommended, you will be referred to another health professional who would be better placed to help your condition.