About us – a little more information

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Originally started by Dan Deluca in 1997 the clinic has been continually operating for over 20 years.  Peter Barnes took over the clinic in 2012 when Dan returned to Canada.

About the clinic

The clinic was recently refurbished. We offer three private treatment rooms, each with enough space for family members to join you during your treatment, if required.

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Clinic waiting area

The clinic is bright, modern and quiet. We have three treatment rooms and a massage therapist.

Clinic entrance

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We have a bright modern clinic. Janine is our receptionist.

Reception Area

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Treatment Room

Each of the three treatment rooms are private with enough space for family members during your treatment if so wished.

Private treatment rooms

What most people wish to know about us is if we can treat their complaint. In most cases this is impossible to answer without taking a history and conducting an examination. This is why we offer a no obligation free consultation appointment.
  • We treat patients of all ages suffering from a wide range of complaints from sports injuries to problems with joints, bones and muscles, including back and neck pain.
  • By identifying and treating the cause of your problem – not just the symptoms – we will help you feel better and stay healthy for longer.
  • We offer a safe, gentle and effective treatment to help you be pain-free and manage your condition without the need for surgery or medication.

Whether you are seeking short-term relief or a lifetime of wellness care, DeLuca Chiropractic can help.

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